How You Can Use QR Codes For Charities Or NonProfits

 As a charity or nonprofit, the ability to keep up with technology can be challenging due to the costs involved. However, newer technologies such as QR codes can improve your engagement with the community and even collect donations more effectively. 

QR Codes for charities is a cheap and easy-to-use technology that you can implement quickly when you partner with the right organization.

Using a QR code partner like Candr allows you to easily create your QR codes through a graphical web interface. Candr provides a platform to implement various methods of using the QR codes, including QR code donation options.

Keep reading to find out how QR codes can be used and benefit any charity or nonprofit looking to better engage with their communities and supporters.

How Do QR Codes Work?

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QR codes are digital images that redirect scanners to a location of the QR code owner choosing. Most smartphones don’t need a specialized scanner, and you just need to point the camera at the image, and the phone does the redirecting as requested.

Many businesses are using QR codes, and they are becoming the norm that almost everybody is aware of and knows what to do so they can get more information.

They’re incredibly cheap and easy to set up. If you work with a professional QR code partner, they’re highly secure and allow you to gather information, make changes, and have a variety of additional features available through your QR code interface.

While implementing free QR code technologies may sound like a good idea, it removes many of your options, such as modifying or having dynamic QR codes, and it means somebody else unconnected to you can track your visitors and potentially gather personal information on them.

How Charities And Nonprofits Can Use QR Codes

QR codes are an easy way to provide more information and engage further with people through various methods, such as print advertising, street advertising, TV commercials, digital methods, and anywhere you can put your QR code.

Previously you may have missed people that were in a hurry and didn’t have time to get your website down, or where your advertising space was limited, and you want to provide more information to people.

By implementing QR codes, you can provide a way for people to access your website, your donation forms, or even check-in for charity events so that you can collect donor information and follow up with them later.

Some specific ways that QR codes for charities are used are listed below:

  • Include QR codes that link to videos telling specific stories that enhance the experience or information provided in your advertisement or display.

Consider how much more effective your print advertising can be if you allow readers to scan part of your ad, and they can then see a digital video explaining or showing more. 

  • Whether you’re a museum, historical site, or any other nonprofit organization that cars to guests, you can provide QR codes at various locations that allow visitors to scan and get additional information.

 The additional information you provide could be a video about a specific piece of art or the history behind the displayed items. It could even be information on a specific area if your guests are walking along a trail to various locations through your site.

  • Capture signatures digitally and store them in a database, rather than writing everything down and transcribing later. Offering QR codes to your supporters while gathering signatures means you can let them scan and fill out the online petition for a more effective and accurate listing.

You will need to implement or use one of the existing online petition forms and then redirect your QR code. 

Send out mailers, print posters, put the petition on social media, and have actual people interact and offer the QR to people on campuses or other locations.

The opportunities are endless to engage with people electronically, provide a better experience, gather information, and provide a much easier way for people to make donations to your charity or nonprofit.

How To Implement QR Code Donations

QR codes for charities are a great way to accept donations from supporters. However, the QR code will only redirect people to something that will take payment, so you will need to decide what methods will be available for donors to make donations. 

What’s great about a QR code is that you can redirect supporters to a menu where they can pick their preferred option for making donations.

So you could set up a PayPal account, bitcoin address, or any other method that is popular with your supporters or in your location. That allows you to take QR code donations easily and makes the process simple for donors, which means they are more likely to donate.

QR Codes And NFC For Collecting Donations

If you’re researching the best way to take donations as a charity and are currently reviewing QR codes for charities and NFC for charities, then it’s important to consider a few things.

  1. QR codes are easier for you to set up and supporters to use.
  2. QR codes cost much less and don’t require any special hardware or app to be used.
  3. QR codes can be used anywhere, including adverts or even on TV. NFC requires you and the supporter to be in the same location to take a donation.

Implement QR Code Technology For Your Charity Or Nonprofit

If QR codes for your charity or nonprofit sound like a fantastic idea, you should partner up with a professional QR code management company such as Candr.

Visit Candr now to find out how to implement QR codes for your charity and start utilizing this fantastic technology to engage with your community and take donations more effectively.


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